We love love love the new Dreamweaver Sleep Mist! My husband and I can't sleep without it now! So good! Thank you it smells so dreamy!

Dear Freya,
You make me smile, because you smell like a meadow when I open your lid. You make me happy, because I get to rub the scent of meadow all over myself. You feel like warm honey, without the stickiness. The entirety of your bottle looks too pretty to use, but you smell too divine and I must have you on me.

Far out!! I can't tell you how happy I am to have found Yalu perfumes! I can't wear synthetic fake perfumes anymore. Yalu perfumes are absolutely, hands down the best quality natural scent I've tried and they are 100% natural and vegan friendly. Gotta love that! Thank you so much! You've got a customer for life here! 

Holly be jesus. Your products are stunning. I'm in love!!!! I'm one happy mama. Thank you so much. They are just so beautiful and delicious!!!!!!

Carl and I are both obsessed. The sleep spray worked for all 3 of us. Had the best nights sleep!!!  In love with every product! Everything is frickin' amazing. Xxx

Tried the Zeo Rose Face Mask yesterday. It was the best mask ever!!! Loved the smell of roses, the feel of the mask and the option to gently scrub the mask off with warm water. My skin was so amazing afterwards! Supple, hydrated, smooth and clear. Will definitely be recommending this to everyone I know. Thanks lovely - keep up the creations. This one was just amazing! 

Hello beauties,