Make your own Fire Cider 'Dragon's Breath'.


Winter is coming people and with it the dreaded lurgy. So I've been busy in my kitchen brewing up some Fire Cider to scare the bejeebus out of any cold and flu that comes our way.  Fire cider is a traditional spicy herbal tonic made with apple cider vinegar. ACV contains pectin which is a prebiotic and is super awesome for encouraging healthy gut flora to flourish. We all know by now that about 80% of our bodies immune system is in our gut - so it makes sense to drench all the fighting plant medicine in apple cider vinegar. You can trace the use of Apple cider vinegar all the way back to our homeboy Hippocrates the father of modern medicine, as he would prescribe it for cold and flu.  

Even though there are variations of ACV tonics, there is nothing quite like American herbalist Rosemary Gladstarr's original Fire Cider tonic. She puts all the good stuff in!  It was created by Rosemary back in the 70's and published in a copyrighted book in 1994. There is actually a Trademark battle happening between Shire City Herbals (the bad guy) and Rosemary (herbal goddess) for the rights to make the product and sell it exclusively as 'Fire Cider'.  Not very nice! So all across America herbalists have been boycotting the brand and encouraging everyone to make their own Fire Cider at home. Plants are for the people guys! So in solidarity with Rosemary and herbalists across the globe, I've decided to make my own. Naturally! I'm a punk herbalist at heart.  


Everybody has their own variation, so I decided to add a little Aussie flare to mine with a Lemon Myrtle twist. Lemon Myrtle is one of my favourite Australian herbs with its luscious full bodied aroma and tang. It's packed full of cold and flu-fighting antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties, so perfect for adding to my Fire Cider brew. 



What does it do?

It works to open stuffy sinuses and fight bacteria & viruses. #pow #bam

What puts the fire in the cider? It's the horseradish, garlic, ginger, cayenne, and the chilli kick, hence why I lovingly refer to it as 'Dragon's Breath. It's packin' some heat! 



What else is in it?

  • organic apple cider vinegar with the mother - 500ml
  • garlic - 4 cloves smashed.
  • onion - one sliced.
  • lemon - one sliced. 
  • turmeric - 2 heaped tablespoons.
  • raw honey ( add honey after it's ready) - 2 tablespoons.
  • ginger - a massive chunk.
  • ceylon cinnamon - 1 heaped tablespoon.
  • lemon myrtle -  2 tablespoons. 
  • lemon thyme - a fresh handful.
  • rosemary - a fresh handful.
  • chilli - slice one whole big chilli.
  • cayenne pepper - you decide it's your mouth.
  • horseradish - you decide it's your mouth

Squish all of this into a clean 500ml jar or a bigger one if you want more, just add more bits! Pour the apple cider vinegar over the mix until it is all completely covered. All the way to the top. Make sure nothing is poking out, it all must be submerged. Place a piece of baking paper over the opening then screw the lid on. 

All these powers combined annihilate all traces of the dreaded lurgy like Daenerys Targaryen riding a dragon blazing up a battlefield. So get cracking! You have 4weeks to prepare. 

p.s you add the honey after it's ready. 

How long do I have to wait? 

3-6 weeks. 4 is great. 6 is ace. Store it in a dark cupboard.

How much to take?

A couple of tablespoons a day is great for keeping the cold and flu at bay.