Space for us to show you how we are connecting with the world around us. It could be anything from local markets, podcast interviews, women that inspire us, latest 'love letters to Yalu', press clippings and maybe even a couple of famous faces that love Yalu. 


 Yalu loves Finders Keepers

We recently did a lil interview for the last Sydney leg of the tour. Here is a link so you can check it out. 


Rhiannon speaks with Nat from Modern Melbourne Makers 

Talking all things small business, how Yalu started, the transition into natural perfume, cheese and giggles. It's a fun convo! Take a listen or download podcast here 


That time Alanis Morrisette came to Melbourne and went home with some YALU! 

YES! That Alanis! Alanis purchased some of our Kali meditation oil on her tour here last year. Many screams happened when we found out! It was actually a very serendipitous moment as Rhiannon sang her song Ironic to win her high school talent quest in the late 90's. Then all those years later, Alanis found something Rhiannon made and bingo! Such a magic moment!

  There is a pic on our instagram.. it happened last year so you might have to scroll a bit or you could try this link