Cocktails & Kaftans - 100% Natural Perfume Oil

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In lieu of a first-class tropical island holiday of sands and sun- and in lieu of those giant rubber inflatable plastic flamingos - one ought to dab some Cocktails & Kaftans around and watch what happens!
This oil is the aromatic equivalent of a freshly-plucked frangipani behind the ear, yet holds much more sophistication. Let others be dazed in your summery wake as you sashay on by, glowing with inviting vibes, as a warm summer breeze plays with the end of your dress, and a light aroma is left dazzling like a tropical sunset. With its delightful blend of rose, hibiscus, amyris wood and the exotic Balinese white champaka flower, this potion evokes the best of the island retreat lifestyle we all know and love.
NB: not to be confused with the sub-par imitation: Shandies & Muumuus. Say no to fragrance fraud.
Aroma profile: Exotic white Champaka flower, organic hibiscus flower, organic rose buds, Amyris wood, Australian sandalwood, coconut oil.