Serenity - Healing Perfume Oil

Serenity - Healing Perfume Oil

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I feel like this is what confidence smells like.…Yes, this one is definitely success with a capital ESS(ence).  

Serenity affords you a sort of olfactory-identity, forget about standing out in a crowd; you’ll be smelled out of the crowd.Think self-love, self-care, and treat yourself! 

Created with powerful selenite and clear quartz, the bottle sparkles with crystal formations adding to the authenticity and power of this unique blend.

Perfect for everyday application, this sumptuous combo of crystals and oils helps create an air of peace, clarity, and calm. Whether you’re a magnificent mother, a corporate queen, or a fabulous free spirit, Serenity will deliver those peaceful vibes for a productive day.  


Crystal profile: Selenite + Himalayan clear quartz. 

The Serenity blend has both a Selenite and clear quartz sparkling inside. Selenite is used to amplify other crystals, when you blend it with the clear quartz it helps to create a super tuned marriage of bling for a sense of clarity and calm. 

Aroma profile: Cleansing Clary Sage, Tolu, bright lemon, soothing coconut oil, Grounding Patchouli, ylang -ylang, orange blossom, Australian sandalwood and more.

grounding, balancing and cleansing essential oils