VELVET UNDERGROUND - 100% Natural Eau De Parfum

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Inspired by our love of Fleetwood Mac and the gypsy life. 


//They sit hand in hand. The moon and stars dust them in silver, the night air rich and intoxicating on every breath. Mossy green velvet under feet, soft caress, lay me down, the beating of hearts, let's slip underground.//


Notes: oakmoss, bergamot, jasmine grandiflora, musk(vegan), tonka, spice, incense, patchouli, vanilla. 


Each Yalu Eau De Parfum is handcrafted by Rhiannon Mapstone in Melbourne, Australia. Using the finest natural absolutes, essentials, natural isolates and tinctures. Sourcing botanicals from local gardens, growing their own and from around the world. We use perfumers sugarcane alcohol. 



Spray your natural perfume closely onto pulse points for best results.