Weekend Lover - 100% Natural Perfume Oil * Limited stock

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Inspired by everyone’s favorite Purple Majesty and Monarch of Funk himself- Prince, this potent elixir has it all and more. Grab your ghetto blaster, don your sweatbands, and roll on Weekend Lover for maximum gnarly retro goodness. This exotic blend is all things sexy and sensual and features hints of labdanum, peruvian balsam,  and amyris wood. This chart-topper exudes an ineffable exotic beauty which makes the scent come alive with spirit as it dances on your skin. 

Weekend Lover will act as your aromatic drawcard, as it entices those around you with its magnetic pull and playful yet powerful zephyr. Be treated like a King, in all your Queenly regalia, and feel just like a Prince. Everyone will certainly want to be your lover…


NB: Contrary to the label, this product is not limited for use and may indeed be applied on any day of the week.    


Healing color therapy: Pink is the colour of love, softness, romance and this particular shade of pastel pink shimmer is inpired by frosty 80's lipsticks and that AHmazing pink fluffy jacket that Prince wears in his video clip ' If I was your Girlfriend'. So pump up the volume and shake that bottles to release the pink. 

Aroma profile: Amyris wood, Rose, Labdanum, Peruvian Balsam, Hibiscus flower, cananga, coconut oil, 80's synth vibrations and secrets.