Organic Zeo Rose - Face mask + exfoliant. All skin types.

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Organic ZEO ROSE face mask and exfoliant is a powerful antioxidant rich face mask with anti-ageing and rejuvenating properties.  It helps to detoxify blockages, hydrate, firm and reduce the appearance of pores, giving you a firmer, rosy and glowing complexion. What's not to love!?

Organic ingredients: Rose damascena powder, Hibiscus powder, Aloe vera powder, Australian pink clay, zeolite clay, rose geranium & lavender essential oil. 

How to use it: Mix one tsp of Zeo Rose and 1 tsp of warm water in a small bowl. Mix until you form a paste. Apply to wet face in circular motion and leave to dry for 15-20mins. Rinse with warm water. Optional: Add half tsp of raw honey. 

10 masks in jar.


A love letter to Zeo Rose:

Tried the Zeo Rose Face Mask yesterday. It was the best mask ever!!! Loved the smell of roses, the feel of the mask and the option to gently scrub the mask off with warm water. My skin was so amazing afterwards! Supple, hydrated, smooth and clear. Will definitely be recommending this to everyone I know. Thanks lovely - keep up the creations. This one was just amazing! - Manjit from Tranquility Crystals